How To Control Your Lucid Dreams

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Lucid dreaming is the capability to learn you are dreaming during the time you are dreaming.

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A lucid dreamer can go to sleep at night and wake up within their dream.

They can even suspect that they are in a place that would generally be impossible to go visit.

How to control your lucid dream

Can You Control Your Dreams?

Picture yourself sitting on the clouds, and dancing on them in the literal sense, experiencing the air touching your arms, the fluffiness of your body, against each Newton’s law.

Ask a Dream Expert Live

Connect one-on-one with a dream specialist who will answer your question. Verified dream interpretation experts are online around the clock and ready to answer your question online or by phone.

Imagine yourself talking with the people in a dream, who give valuable insights about your life and surroundings.

The Best Activities You Can Give a Try

When we talk about lucid dreaming, one of the simplest yet most interesting experiences is to walk through solid objects.

In the world of dreams, hurdles only appear to be on the path.

A rock face, a window, a metal wall, such things are just illusions created by your mind.

They are not real.

It is not something new that flying is the first form of travel between dreamers.

Most people state that this is their favorite activity to do when they can understand that they are in their dreams.

The experience of the wind running across your face and body, the liberty and excitement of going in any of the directions, where there are no limitations, is fairly an enthralling experience.

When you are in a lucid dream, you can experience anything and everything.

Everything is possible!

No creature, thing, object or device is out of your reach.

Your creation can be as huge and bulky as a mountain or as light and soothing as a feather.

If you could feel the impossible, what would you like to feel?

The Surprising Benefits You Can Gain

People often feel an extreme change in their perspectives after a few lucid dreams.

They happen to recognize that there is much more to realism than they understand at present.

Dreams generally aware us about our struggles, and provide us with a solution.

Go through your dream-journal entries and question yourself, “Do any of these dreams include guidance on how I can be satisfied, happy and at peace?”

We can record and read between the lines of our normal dreams to resolve the advice from our subconscious.

However, many times, understanding our dream journals can be difficult.

It is not always possible to learn what your subconscious is telling you.

Here is, when lucid dreaming plays a part.

You can search and find lost pieces of yourself as you actively explore your inner world through dreams.

How to Control Lucid Dream?

It is not sufficient to only know that you are having a dream.

In fact, learning how to control lucid dreaming is a crucial part of lucid dreaming.

However, let us agree, it is the most fun too.

You can find out how to do something in your dream world with some particular tactics and working around with what seems the best to you.

Therefore, without any more delay; let us go through some of the most popular lucid dream activities:

How to Experience Flying Dreams?

The first thing people want to experience through lucid dreams is – flying.

Traveling through the air is a very common wish.

Almost every lucid dreamer has done it at least once.

Although, flying dreams are not always easy to get around.

It is unreal to fly in real life, therefore, when you attempt to have flying dreams, the conscious part of your brain can have difficulty believing it.

You may find you can get only to a fixed point or you may persuade yourself that you will fall down.

The problem is mental, not a physical one.

To raise the belief that you can do it and have amazing flying dreams, begin by bouncing and hopping within the dreamscape, gracefully permitting yourself to go high in space.

Remember that you cannot get hurt, as all of this is a dream.

Soon enough, you will be jumping above the clouds and traveling over the air like a superhero, if you keep practicing.

How to Find the Dream Objects in Your Dream?

Dream research has established several ways to search and find new objects in a dream.

Objects are doubtful to materialize in front of you; however, you can turn around and see things that were not present there before.

The main key is visualization.

Find dream objects behind you, behind a tree, in a box, in your pocket, under a rock, in a drawer, etc.

With this, you can improvise and play around!

How to Travel Through Time in Dreams?

Do you desire to control your dreams and time travel?

It is quite easy.

Fly high above the clouds so that you cannot see the ground below.

Visualize the location and time you want to go to and move down back through the cloud cover.

Now you can easily time travel!

How To Have A Certain Dream To Interact With Your unconscious?

When you become lucid, the easiest way to interact with your unconscious mind is to characterize it.

Create any character (animal or human) that you are happy to chat with, and then question them with direct and open questions.

The answers you get straight from the cat’s mouth may surprise you.

How to Change Your Dreams?

If you make some amendments to your daily routine, you can make amendments to your dreams as well.

Keep a Physical Reminder by Your Side

To make a specific human, place, or solution to an issue appear in your dream, you should concentrate your mind on those things for some time before you go to bed.

If the topic lends itself to any physical memento you can place by the side of your bed, it will be better.

Look Forward to Common Scenarios

If you have any particular human being, issue, or theme in your mind you desire to experience frequently in your dreams, you need to make an effort to spend more time with it when you are awake during the day.

Concentrate on What You Want to See In Your Dream

Now that you have a ready reminder by your side and you spend more hours or minutes with the subject of your desired dreams during the hours you are awake, it is time to go to bed and sleep.

Go to bed early and have enough sleep.

That’s the secret to easily recalling the dream. Keep your mind on the thoughts by being aware of what to wish to dream about.

Some More Ways to Change Dreams

How to Have a Specific Dream?

Dreams can affect our daily lives in so many ways.

They impersonate our desires and hopes about the future and make us visit our pasts again too.

If you want to learn how to actively control and be aware of your dreams while sleeping, there are many things you can do during the waking hours of the day.

These things make it easy for you to have the controllable dreams you wish to see.


When you are aware that you are dreaming, try and control it in small ways.

Relax and try not getting thrilled.

Less excitement means more are the chances that you will remain asleep and therefore in control.

With a calm mind, you can even have the power to touch and feel things and let them disappear or even move.


With higher comfort during lucid dreaming, you can have the dreams of your desire.

During lucid dreaming, you have full control i.e. you can choose to control actions like dancing, calling people, travelling through time etc.


Don’t forget and keep reminding yourself that you are dreaming.

That helps you be capable of making changes and controlling things occurring during the dream.

How to Control What You Dream About?

Controlling your dreams is one of the most entrancing experiences a person can have.

Have you ever wanted to re-dream your favorite kind of dreams?

Note down What is Your Target Dream

Walk Through Your Desired Dream

Imagine what it would be like to experience your desired dream.

Do this in the first-person point of view, from beginning to end.

Always remember, it is only your limited imagination that you can keep you from having the dreams of your choice.

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