Recurring Dreams And How To Stop Recurring Dreams

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Recurring Dreams – What Do They Mean?

Recurring dreams are dreams which are similar and appear many times.

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People often have dreams which are similar in nature and appear day after day in the same manner.

The word recurring means repeating and just as the name suggests the dreams are repeatedly seen.


Why Do Recurring Dreams Happen?

It is said that recurring dreams occur when there is stress in people’s life which has not been sorted yet.

Ask a Dream Expert Live

Connect one-on-one with a dream specialist who will answer your question. Verified dream interpretation experts are online around the clock and ready to answer your question online or by phone.

This stress in life is what ignites the recurring dreams in people.

It may also happen that people who have experienced trauma in their life and are currently trying to deal with the trauma have recurring dreams.

If this is the reason then the dreams may stop appearing with time as the trauma of the incident becomes less and less.

Recurring dreams often come in the form of nightmares, which can be often troublesome for people especially kids.

They can instill fear, anxiety or sadness in people.

The causes of recurring dreams can often be different but the pattern of each of these dreams are almost the same.

It is important to understand the meaning and different kinds of recurring dreams to know exactly what your dream means and reflects in your real life.

Knowing the recurring dreams meaning is very important to understand if your dream reflects good or a bad omen in your life.

Common Recurring Dreams

There are certain common recurring dreams which occur almost with every person on or the other time. Below are some of the common recurring dreams meaning list which carries the common dreams along with what they reflect.

Do Recurring Dreams Come True?

Dreams are often our subconscious mind giving us an inkling of what is or might happen in our real lives.

Where some people dismiss the idea of recurring dreams being related to real life, some believe that dreams, in fact, do come true.

Though there can be many arguments on this basis, it can be said that the idea that the dream present may come true at some point in life.

If you are having recurring dreams, then it might be time to actually interpret what the dream means and if it holds any significance in your real life.

Though it is a fact that the exact dream would never come true, the meaning and emotions of the recurring dream might be quite significant in real life.

Recurring Dreams About Being Chased

Having recurring dreams about being chased is quite common in people.

The idea of being chased represents that you are avoiding any situation or an individual in real life.

However, the dream can hold a deeper meaning depending on who is chasing you and what is the distance between you and the chaser.

Most people relate being chased with a negative aspect.

They feel anxious or fear when they are being chased which shows reflect that the person may be running away from any emotional turmoil or emotionally exhausting situation in their real life.

If you are chasing yourself, then it means that you are trying to avoid the negative qualities that you might possess such as anger, jealousy, greed, and others.

If you are being chased by a stranger then it might reflect that you are trying to avoid any personal or professional situation which is emotionally toxic for you.

However, if you are being chased by an animal then it means that you are trying to push away the anger that has taken dominance over your life.

No matter what type of dream you are having, the main factor in being chased is that you are trying to avoid something.

Recurring Dreams about a Person

Having recurring dreams about a person could be viewed as either pleasant or unpleasant depending on the person that you are seeing.

However, it is also said that such dreams should not be seen in the literal sense.

Those people might be actual representations of the emotion that you feel when you think of them.

When recurring dreams occur they can be often unclear in the beginning but becomes quite clear with time.

Seeing a person repeatedly may mean that they hold a very important position in your life or you have a strong emotion that you feel towards them.

If you are seeing your ex-lover in your dreams then it might be because you are still not over the relationship or have unresolved issues with them.

You may also have recurring dreams about any of your relative which might mean that there is an issue which needs to be attended.

The dream would, however, change meaning depending on the relation that you share with the particular relative.

Moreover, if you are seeing a person who is related to any of your traumatic past or incident then it is known that the incident is very hard for you to forget and you still have emotions associating with the trauma.

Recurring Dreams about Being Lost

Dreams about getting lost in general reflect the current situation of your life.

It can be that you have lost the direction of your life professionally or personally.

Being lost would also mean that you are lost in your real life.

It is your subconscious mind’s way of letting you know that your life needs proper direction.

There can be many reasons for this kind of recurring dream based on the type of dream that you are having.

The representation of your dream would also depend on the place that you have gotten lost in.

If you are repeatedly getting lost in a school then it means that you will be having difficulty in accomplishing the goals that you have set for yourself.

If you are getting lost in the street which is unknown to you then it means that you have problems in communicating with people around you.

Dreams such as this reflect the difficulty you face in your real life in making a connection with people.

If you are lost in a forest then it shows the lack of friends and support that you have in your real life.

Your friends have either betrayed you or are not a strong support system in your life.

Recurring Dreams about Death

Dreaming about death does not mean that the dreamer is near his death bed.

Dreams are just a symbolic representation of what is happening in real life.

Death is basically the end of life which in dream language means that you are near the end of any particular thing or relationship in your life.

Having recurring dreams about death often means that your life is about to change drastically or that something is about to end.

It could be a relation, a job or a chapter of your life that is about to end or change.

Having recurring dreams about death often gives you the chance to reflect on the condition of your life and see if you have an opportunity for growth.

If you are often having death dreams then it might be time for you to consciously end a chapter of your life and embark on a new journey.

The end that has occurred or will occur in the future may be life-changing and very important for you.

Recurring dreams about deaths should not be always viewed in a negative light as it often means that something better is about to arrive after the end of the previous phase.

Recurring Dreams about Ex Husband or Of Old Love

There are many reasons for having recurring dreams about your ex-husband or old love.

If you are having dreams about your first love then it might not always mean that you are thinking about the person.

To dream about your first love might show the missing excitement, love and the feeling that first love brings with itself.

This kind of a recurring dream could occur when you are in a monotonous relationship currently and are craving for the old excitement and fun.

However, if you are having dreams about your immediate ex-lover or ex-husband, then it means that you are still not at peace with the breakup.

Such dreams occur when you are not in acceptance of the separation and have unresolved issues with your ex.

If you have been in a toxic and abusive relationship and are having recurring dreams about the ex and the relationship then it is a situation of post-traumatic disorder which has seeped into your subconscious mind as well.

You might be still scared of the ex and also have ingrained emotions about the relationship which is still haunting you in your sleep.

Recurring Dreams about the Same Thing

Having recurring dreams about the same thing over and over again could mean the existence of stress in your life.

The presence of a conflict or situation in your life could lead to having recurring dreams.

Recurring dreams are often associated with recurring nightmares, but this is not always the case.

Recurring dreams basically reveal the causes of stress which can range from mild to severe.

Having recurring dreams helps to understand the reason for the stress if the dream is understood correctly.

Many people think that the symbolic language of every recurring dream is negative and that the dreamer would be going through a hard time.

However, understanding the meaning of the recurring dreams is very important to correctly interpret it.

If a student is having recurring dreams about failing in an exam then it does mean the child would actually fail, it is mostly a trigger for better performance.

The child would be motivated to work harder which in turn would give them good results.

Recurring dreams can occur at any age but is most common after the individual finished their school years.

As the stress and pressure of life start to build up, there become more and more reasons for the mind to have recurring dreams.

How to Stop Recurring Dreams?

Having a recurring dream can lead the mind to worry more in the conscious state. If you want to stop having recurring dreams then there are certain ways which can help.

You can have a sleep dairy where you would note down your dreams. Note down each and every aspect of the recurring dream everyday as soon as you wake up.

The dreams maybe blurry in the beginning but with time the dream would become clearer.

Once you have the dream clearly written try to analyze it.

Analyzing the dream would help you in understanding its meaning and what your subconscious mind is trying to convey to you. When you understand the message of the dream that you are having, take action so that you can resolve the issue, which has led to the dream.

Reducing stress with time would help in reducing recurring dreams as well.

If you are under too much stress then it would be better to seek professional help.

With the proper medication and help, you will be able to get rid of the stress as well as the recurring dreams.

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