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Have you seen a Dead Person in your dream?

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Death dream is one of the recurring dreams and many people have seen it.

seeing dead person in a dream

Death is inevitable and a fact of life still people dread from this five-letter word, D-E-A-T-H.

A mere thought of losing someone sends shivers in our body and a negative feeling sails through.

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Today, we are going to discuss different types of dreams associated with the dead person and what the different dreams of a dead person signify. What are the interpretations of different schools about meeting a dead person in a dream?

What Does It Mean To Dream About a Dead Person?

Dreaming about a dead person is quite common and every human being goes through it at some point in time in his/her life.

It is a symbolic dream and it is often associated with the relationship with the deceased and the level of relationship with the deceased person.

It conveys that you are missing the deceased in your life and your subconscious mind has memories embedded with that person of whom you dreamt.

It can be a person who has left you recently or long back.

When we see the deceased in our dreams, sometimes, we are thrilled with the association in a dream or often we miss the person.

There are different interpretations cited here of different dreams encountered with the dead.

It is important to remember the incidences of the dream for appropriate interpretations of dreams.

Dead Person Giving Blessing in Dream

Blessings are always welcomed. Blessings from a dead person is a positive signal. It indicates that success is around the corner and you will achieve what you are yearning for.

It is also a sign of approval if the blessing from the dead is your near and dear ones.

Though they are not physically present still they wish to see you in a better position.

Blessings are even interpreted as your acceptance in your professional, personal or social circle. Your luck is in your favor.

It is a positive dream because you are being awarded by a holy faith.

Dream of a Dead Person Talking to You

To see a dead person talking to you is a sign of forewarning.

It warns you against some unlikely situations arriving.

It also indicates that you are surrounded by negative force in your life and you require to move out of the situation in your life.

It symbolizes materialistic loss.

There is one more interpretation of this dream which is symbolic of positivism in life.

It conveys that your acquaintance might seek advice for the problems that they are confronting in their life.

Dreaming of a Dead Relative Being Alive

If you dream of a dead relative being alive, it symbolizes that you haven’t forgotten that person.

You are missing the person badly in your life.

There are instances when the person dies even after being taken good care and medical help and some lose their life instantly in attack, accidents, etc.

Their memories haunt you and you see them in your dreams.

You get terrified seeing them in dreams and maybe something you wished to convey could not convey in his lifetime.

In such instances, we see the dead alive in our dreams.

It is believed that the good spirits try to contact their loved ones or your interest in the person brings you closer to that person in a dream.

A longing for the person helps you to visualize him or her in your dream.

One interpretation says that dream of a dead person alive signifies something positive in life, an addition in the family, success in life, prosperity, good events in the family, etc. It signifies rebirth and the creation of life.

Another school interprets that seeing a dead person alive in a dream is not a good sign in life.

If seen before any special occasions then it might be a warning to be careful about the event.

It indicates that you should worship God to be free from any wrath of the Almighty.

Dreaming of My Father Being Alive

A father figure is an important figure in our life and his presence means a lot to us.

Losing a father feels as if we have lost one of the pillars of strength, protector, and a good advisor, such is the virtue of a father in our life.

Dreaming of my father alive in dreams sends tingles of joy and a sense of contentment prevails.

It symbolizes that something better is approaching us.

It is a positive vibe and it helps to regain our lost strength and addition of power and fame in our life.

It is believed that either the spirits are trying to connect with us or trying to calm us by erasing grief of the loved one, hence it is a comfort to see father alive in dreams.

There can be numerous reasons for seeing father alive in dreams, your longing for him.

It can be an indication to take the right decisions where you are being indecisive on certain points and be a protector for the family.

Dreaming of My Mother Being Alive

Mother is the centripetal force of a family.

Her job is to be caring and a guiding force that drives the family.

Dreaming of mother alive in dreams indicates that we are missing her in our life.

We in the subconscious mind want to reach her and discuss many things that we shared when she was physically present with us.

Her exquisite characteristics nudge you to go closer to her or you unconsciously wish to act like your mother in your life.

You want to follow her by stepping in her shoes.

The interpretation says that the longings for a mother take us close to her in dreams.

She comforts our subconscious mind and tames us from grief.

Another interpretation is of the view that the deceased mother wants to see her kids happy.

She visits her kids in a dream to convey that she is resting in peace.

Dream of a Dead Brother Being Alive

Siblings share a close bond and losing a sibling is like chopping up of an integral part of our existence.

It takes time to come out of the grief but still a void is created in their absence.

Their uncountable memories drag them in our dreams because we long for them and we miss them badly in our life.

Dreaming of a dead brother alive signifies harmony, peace, and unity in life.

It also indicates that you have a great support for someone whom you can rely.

Arguments in a dream with brother indicate that you may cut off ties with someone close.

Playing and enjoying with brother indicates that you have a good bonding with friends and well-wishers.

Dream of a Dead Friend Being Alive

Deceased close friend visits us in our dream comforting that he/she is alive.

Losing a close confidante is a great loss and our life seems meaningless.

Seeing friend alive in a dream signifies our close proximity with the individual and we miss their presence.

If we happen to see him visiting in our dreams when we are struggling then it denotes that the struggle will end soon.

There is a silver lining after dark clouds and it inspires us to fight to achieve success and prosperity.

It also interprets that you are trying to emulate his traits in your life and you will be successful
in applying in your life.

It also symbolizes that the damp mood would lighten after meeting him in dreams.

It depicts positivity in life ahead.

Hugging a Dead Person in Dream

Different schools have different interpretations of hugging a dead person in a dream.

One interpretation says that hugging a dead person symbolizes longevity and pinpoint to love thyself.

It even says that you love someone but you don’t have the courage to spell out your love for the person.

Another interpretation says that hugging dead means you are embracing your own death.

The subconscious mind yearns for love but in a conscious world, it is tamed down so you
dream of hugging the dead.

Spiritual Meaning of Seeing Dead Person in Your Dream

In a spiritual context, seeing a dead person in a dream is construed differently.

The school of spirituality is of the view that there are psychological and spiritual reasons for seeing a dead person in a dream in different shapes and symbols.

They hold that 30% is psychological and 70% is spiritual.

Often, we don’t invest much time with our near and dear ones.

When they are dead, the guilt in our subconscious mind haunts us and it takes shape of a dream, this is the psychological angle.

The spiritual school of dream interpretation says that there are two valid reasons; after death, the subtle body tries to connect with the earthly creature of the universe and tries to communicate with the body.

The second part says that the departed soul conspires to take revenge in any form and they visit them in our dreams.

Most of the cases are that the good spirits visit their people to communicate their incomplete deeds to get completed by the descendants of the Earth.

It is believed that those subtle forms visit more in dreams who die unnatural death or sudden death and their wishes and desires remained incomplete whereas the people who died natural death are more unlikely to visit.

The spiritual gurus insist on carrying out some specific rituals according to our culture and traditions to appease the deceased soul.

The deceased souls find a place to rest peacefully.

The basic rituals are to satiate our departed ancestors.

Scientific Explanation of Dead Dreams

Science says that dreams are the result of electrical brain impulses that pull random thoughts and imagery from our memories.

The scientific study of dreams is called oneirology.

According to Sumber, dreams about death often indicate “the symbolic ending of something, whether that’s a phase, a job, or a relationship.”

Scientists hold the view that the underlying emotions play a large role in dreaming of dead people.

It interprets the close connection with the dead and unconsciously we try to visit the old chains of memories.

While visiting memory lanes, we pick up good things and leave out the things that we regretted.

It helps to cope up with the loss of loved ones.

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