The Danger Of Lucid Dreaming 99% People Don’t Know About

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Have you been seeing dreams that felt too real?

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Do you see yourself controlling your dream with your mind and doing things that you cannot do in your real life?

Danger of lucid dreaming

Then is what is called lucid dreaming.

People often fall asleep and stat seeing dreams which are very real.

Ask a Dream Expert Live

Connect one-on-one with a dream specialist who will answer your question. Verified dream interpretation experts are online around the clock and ready to answer your question online or by phone.

They might have been a thing about a place or a scenario and often see themselves in the same scenario.

People who have not had such dreams may pass it off as fantasy.

But this kind of dream is very much real. However, there are many dangers of such dreaming which needs to be understood.

Understanding the Meaning of Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreaming means that the dreamer is completely aware of the fact that they are having a dream.

In a lucid dream, the dreamer has complete control over his or her dream and can view it from their point of view.

This is the dreamer having a conversation with the conscious mind and directing how the dream should occur.

The activities that occur in the dream are almost being done by the dreamer in a very conscious state.

Lucid dreams generally occur when the mind goes from the unconscious state to a conscious state in the sleep.

There have been many studies in this matter which suggest that during lucid dreaming the pre-frontal cortex of the brain has high activeness.

This section of the brain is the one that deals with agency sense and cognitive abilities. This means that during a lucid dream the person is half-conscious and half asleep which is a hybrid stage of consciousness.

When people have normal dreams, they have no control whatsoever on what is occurring in the dream. They are in an unconscious state of mind and things keep on happening in their dram.

There is no self-awareness when it comes to normal dreaming.

However, in lucid dreaming, the dreamer is completely self-aware that they are in a dream.

They can see, hear, taste, and smell things just like in real life. If they are not satisfied with the outcome of their dream, they can wake themselves up from the dream.

Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous?

Lucid dreaming is generally not dangerous, but anything which is overdone can be quite dangerous.

There are many risks that are involved when it comes to lucid dreaming.

People who often experience lucid dreaming for the first time do not really know what is occurring.

This means that they might face certain unpleasant experiences which they do not want to have again.

There are also people who get addicted to the idea of lucid dreaming.

This is because lucid dreaming can be quite attractive for people who want to create a fantasy land of their own.

When people get too attached to lucid dreaming it could possess many problems for them.

Often people forget the difference between reality and dream and could confuse between the two.

People sometimes see a dream and perceive it as being reality while it is not.

This could create confusion in their real lives and lead to serious issues at a later stage in their life.

Why You Should Never Have Lucid Dreams?

Many people who have had lucid dreaming are obsessed with the idea of being able to control their dreams.

They often try to induce lucid dreams every night which can be quite dangerous to them.

The danger may not be on the lives of the people but the effect is in the mind.

Lucid dreaming is all about the control that the mind has over the dreams.

This is why it can be quite exhausting for the mind if the person practices inducing lucid dreams every night.

There could also be very irregular sleep patterns due to the odd waking hours from the dream.

This irregular sleep pattern creates an effect on real life.

People often face issues in their personal and professional life due to too much lucid dreaming.

Moreover, too much lucid dreaming could make your real-life boring.

This is due to the fact that while the person is lucid dreaming, they tend to create exciting fantasies to make their dream seem exciting.

This is why it is best to avoid consciously lucid dreaming or practicing the technique of lucid dreaming.

The Danger of Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming occurs both naturally and can also be induced.

No matter how lucid dream occurs, there are many dangers involved.

People often fear that lucid dreaming could have many risks which can be avoided if the person stops having lucid dreams.

There are many side effects that are caused by lucid dreaming.

Some of these dangers of lucid dreaming are mentioned below.

1. Addiction To Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreaming can be a big addiction to people who often want to escape from reality.

This is induced by people whose reality may not be as good as such.

They might be involved in drugs, betting, or other bad habits from which they are unable to escape from in real life.

Many people who start practicing lucid dreaming can start with an experimenting mindset.

However, as they get a grasp of the technique this can become an addiction where they build their own fantasy land.

The dreamer might also wake up late if they go on having lucid dreams.

2. Get Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis is when the person loses all consciousness and control over their limbs in the sleep.

This occurring during the time of lucid dreams can be a very horrific experience.

Sleep paralysis often prevents the dreamer from walking in their sleep or getting up.

This means the dreamer would not be able to perform the activities that they are watching in their dreamer.

However, for the person who is seeing the dream can be a nightmare.

This is because the person may try to move in their sleep but due to the paralyzed state, they cannot.

This can make people very afraid.

3. Nightmares In Lucid State

Lucid dreaming is one thing; however, dreams can often turn into nightmares.

Since the dreamer is completely aware of the dream, there are certain times when the dream becomes a horror.

The dream changes with the thought that occurs in the mind of the dreamer.

If the dreamer is having a terrifying through process then it could reflect on the dream.

This could be a very bad experience for the dreamer.

However, the dreamer can also stop the dream at any moment and also wake up instantly if it gets too much to handle.

4. Forget The Line Between Dreams And Reality

One of the biggest dangers of lucid dreaming is that the dreamer often forgets the thin line between reality and dream.

Since the mind of the dreamer is controlling the dream, they can forget that they are actually dreaming about the activity.

People often become confused about whether they are watching a dream or they are in real life.

Things that occur in the dream can often seem like they have occurred in real life and vice versa.

People might have met someone in their dream but they may think that they have seen them in real life.

This can make people very confused in reality.

5. Trapped In The Dream

This is one of the scariest things that can happen to a person during their lucid dreaming.

This occurs when a person who is lucid dreaming often dreams about waking up in their dream.

This means that the person has not woken up in reality however, in their mind they have woken up.

Since the person is still dreaming, they keep on attempting to wake up in reality but to no avail.

This can be a very scary experience as it feels like being trapped in a dream.

Though people might finally wake up in reality, the first few false waking ups can be quite scary.

6. Experience Exhaustion

People having lucid dreams can also experience exhaustion in their sleep.

Normally people wake up very fresh from sleep.

However, during lucid dreaming, the individual does not get the required amount of sleep.

This is because the person is awake in their sleep and is not able to rest properly.

Moreover, the mind is also not at rest and is running the whole time the person is having the dream.

This makes the person quite exhausted when they wake up.

Moreover, it can create disturbance in the sleeping pattern of the person due to the kind of dream that they keep having.

7. Somniphobia

Somniphobia is the fear of falling asleep.

This phobia might erupt in people who have experienced lucid dreaming and have ended up having nightmares which they cannot control.

These people have unknowingly experienced lucid dreams and are yet no able to get the hang of the technique to control the dream.

This means people who experience nightmares might think that the dream is very real and is not able to wake up from the dream.

Such people may be afraid to fall asleep since they do not want to have the experience again.

Possible Risks of Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreaming is for people who mentally very stable and have complete control over their minds.

However, for people whose mind controls their body, lucid dreaming can be somewhat a risk.

People who are lucid dreaming go into a REM sleep which is not always manageable by everyone.

Not all people can adjust to the idea of lucid dreaming and face many problems, especially in the initial few times.

People often experience sleep paralysis which can be very daunting for them.

If you are having a nightmare it can be the worst time to have sleep paralysis.

This is because at this stage you will not be able to physically move or even wake up from the dream that you are having.

You would just be stuck in the dream or the nightmare and would have to go through the trauma.

People who practice lucid dreams often face other kinds of risks which can leave them paranoid in their real life.

Adverse Effects of Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreaming has certain side effects that can push you to quit having this experience.

The side effects of lucid dreaming may be such that you can face many problems in your reality.

There might be interruptions in your sleep and you may always be exhausted.

Lucid dreaming every day would not give you the complete sleep that your body requires.

Moreover, your mind also needs rest which it will not get during the dream session.

This is why lucid dreaming can leave you irritated due to lack of sleep.

Lucid dreaming can also leave you depressed since you will not be able to experience the same thing in real life that you see in your dream.

You might create good fantasies in your dream that you can feel will never be real.

This situation can leave people mentally unstable.

Moreover, nightmares during lucid dreaming can be another cause of having depression and terror in one’s life.

Negative Impact of Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreams, though is seen as just a dream, have many negative effects on a person.

There is much negativity that surrounds this kind of a dream situation.

The worst thing is that people are often fascinated by the idea of lucid dreaming.

This fascination turns into addiction with time and different problems emerge in their lives.

People try to produce different kinds of activities in their dreams since they have complete control over it.

They try to induce lucid dreams which often make them detached from reality.

There becomes an absence of self when people become too engrossed in the idea of lucid dreaming.

They may even try to see the wrong ideas in their dreams based on their thought process.

This creates a negative impact on the minds of people.

Lucid dreaming should, therefore, be avoided to maintain the sanity of mind and to have a peaceful life.

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