13 Things You Should Never Do While Lucid Dreaming

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Lucid dreaming is amazing because you can do literally whatever you want.

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But just because you can do everything doesn’t mean that you should and there are some things that you should absolutely never do while in a lucid dream.

first of all lucid dreaming is extremely safe and you will be completely fine as long as you are in the right mental state and have good intentions.

I don’t want to mislead people into thinking that it’s dangerous or bad for you because the benefits of lucid dreaming are Amazing and lucid dreaming has really helped me out in my life but even the best lucid dreamer can make mistakes.

And today I will share 13 things that you should never do while in a lucid dream so that you don’t accidentally do them.

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Connect one-on-one with a dream specialist who will answer your question. Verified dream interpretation experts are online around the clock and ready to answer your question online or by phone.

Let’s just get straight into the list of things that you should not do in a lucid dream.

1. Don’t do Too Exciting Things

Don’t do things that are too exciting especially as soon as you become lucid.

You should be aware that this action can make you overly excited which can trigger awakening almost immediately.

Stabilize your dream before attempting anything too exciting.

For example:  Don’t jump straight into lucid dreaming sex because chances are you’ll wake up and spoil your lucid dream.

Things You Should Never Do While Lucid Dreaming

Nevertheless, you can still try it. But remember don’t try when you are just starting out. It can require a lot of practice to master it.

2. Don’t kill Anyone

This probably not the best thing to try in lucid dreaming.

This should be pretty self-explanatory. It’s just not something that you should be doing in a lucid dream.

Just know that all of the dream characters that you see are extensions of yourself, and if you kill them, you’re pretty much just killing parts of yourself, and you just don’t want to do that.

Also, keep in mind that lucid dreaming is extremely vivid and you probably don’t want the memories of killing someone in your mind.

So just do something else like go to Jurassic Park or something.

Overall there are a lot of more interesting thing you can do in lucid dream than hurting someone.

3. Don’t Close Your Eyes

Now you might be wondering why you can’t close your eyes in a lucid dream.

So if you haven’t experienced this already, when you close your eyes in a dream, it provokes awakening.

And I don’t know exactly why but it’s just super easy to wake up if you close your eyes inside of a dream, so do not do that because you don’t want to accidentally wake up.

But if your goal is to wake up then you can close your eyes or else don’t do that.

4. Plan Your Lucid Dream

If you go into a lucid dream without any kind of plan or goal then you may actually forget what you’re there to do and you’ll end up just standing there and doing nothing.

Now it really depends on your level of lucidity.

But my general rule is just always repeat to yourself what you want to do before you fall asleep or just set the goal during the day so that you know what you want to have a lucid dream.

5. Don’t do things in a lucid dream that’s too similar to your waking life memories

For example

In a lucid dream if you go and ask your boss for a promotion and then you wake up you might actually think that you did that thing in real life.

This is because sometimes you can get dream memories mixed up with real-life memories and the chances of this happening are very little but it can happen easier if you lucid dreaming about things that are very similar to your real life.

As this is a really tricky one so better avoid lucid dreaming about somethings similar to your waking life memories.

6. Don’t Think About Your Real-Life Body 

If you’re in a lucid dream and you’re constantly thinking about yourself lying in bed, it can make it really hard for you to focus and be immersed in the dream.

This is because you just keep thinking about your real-life body.

Not only that but it’s also very easy to wake up if you’re thinking that way.

So when you’re in a lucid dream just think about other things.

Just try to immerse yourself in the dream, whatever you do it don’t think about yourself lying in bed.

If you find yourself thinking about your body, it’s time to wake up yourself.

7. Don’t Have Negative or Scary Thoughts

Yes it might be tempting to have some scary lucid dream. But remember it can have negative outcome as well.

This can cause lucid dreaming nightmares, which obviously you want to avoid.

And one of the best ways to treat this is meditating before you go to sleep and just being in a very positive mood.

It’s also very important to not be afraid when you’re in a lucid dream.

For example, a lot of people think that you can be stuck in a lucid dream.

So just know that when you are in a lucid dream you are in complete control and you can wake yourself up whenever you want.

There’s no way that you can get stuck and honestly, it just takes a lot of lucid dreaming experience to get that into your mind.

But it’s just very important to avoid negative feelings when you’re lucid and if you don’t feel like you’re ready do not lucid dream.

Just sort out those problems in real life first before you go into a lucid dream.

8. Don’t Wish Something Scary

This is very similar to number seven.

You might be a horror fan and want to see how much pain you can take in your dream.

Or maybe you are tempted to to see if you can stand horrible things like torture in a dream.

When you are in a lucid dream you’re in a very unique state because whenever you ask your subconscious for, something it will make happen.

And your subconscious also knows your deepest and darkest fears.

So if you ask to see something scary your mind will create the scariest thing that you can possibly imagine because it knows your fears.

A lot of people use lucid dreaming to overcome their fears and sure you can do this as well.

But you do need to be prepared and in the right mindset.

So before asking for something scary make sure that you’re prepared and that you know what you’re getting into.

If you’re just starting off with lucid dreaming, I recommend doing something different.

This is for more advanced people.

And again you need to have a bit more experience before you can get into a dream like this.

9. Don’t make a real-life person a consistent target of Fantasy

What I mean by this is don’t use real-life people or friends in your dream too often because you can create fake memories with them.

So if you’re hanging out with one of your friends a lot in your lucid dream and you’re talking to them all the time and doing whatever then when you see them in real life not only will your memories be a little bit confused, you might not know if that conversation actually happened in real life or not.

But also you could be disappointed because a lot of those conversations that you have in a dream might be amazing and it’s a bit depressing to know that you’ve never actually had that conversation with them.

So just a general rule don’t try to hang out with people too much in your lucid dream and create fake memories because this is just not a good thing for you to do. 

There is a very thin line and if you cross that it can cost you heavily in your real waking life.

10. Don’t Look In A Mirror

This is again a tricky one like closing your eyes or thinking about your own body.

Looking in a mirror in your lucid dreaming can be exciting as well as scary.

Do not look in a mirror or at least when you do look in a mirror know what to expect.

Mirrors in lucid dreams behave very strangely.

And for many people, the reflection in that mirror could be scary and caused them to wake up.

So before you look in a mirror in a lucid dream know what to expect and know that there is a chance that what you could see is scary.

So as long as you’re prepared you will probably not accidentally wake up.

But again there are a million things you could do other than looking in a mirror that isn’t as risky and honestly, if you’re new to lucid dreaming, I don’t recommend doing it right away.

You should know that your feeling will be reflected in the mirror. So make sure you have a positive mindset as well.

11. Don’t Try To Control Things Too Much

Controlling things in a lucid dream can be amazing but it’s also very hard especially if you don’t have a lot of experience.

I know a lot of people who jump into crazy things as soon as they become lucid like trying to move buildings or create mountains (Haha I am quoting Inception).

You need to work your way up slowly and whatever you do don’t become frustrated because you could have negative feelings or you could accidentally wake up.

You need to remain calm and just know that controlling things in a lucid dream takes practice.

But once you do it, it’s awesome. 

12. Doing NOTHING

Now roaming around and doing nothing is a very good method if you want to stabilize your dream and provide yourself from accidentally waking up.

But if you do it too much and for no reason you could actually wake up.

So don’t try to spin around or really just don’t try to do reality checks all the time for no reason.

Because it could get you back into the mindset of “I’m in a dream” and you know get you to wake up.

By doing nothing a lot of people just waste the time and lose the sense of magical adventure that lucid dreaming should bring them.

So as I mentioned earlier you should plan your lucid dream before you go. This will prevent you from just wandering around and really enjoy this magical experience.

13. Don’t Spend Too Much Time Lucid Dreaming 

You may be surprised that I’m saying this because I lucid dream pretty much every single night.

And I’m not saying that lucid dreaming every night is bad but I do think that it is a bad thing if you are looking forward to your dreams more than you are real life.

With anything in life, balance is key and you need to make sure that you are spending an equal amount of time on other parts of your life as you are lucid dreaming.

You don’t want to use lucid dreaming as an escape for issues in real life.

I think lucid dreaming is an incredible tool that can really really help you out in life. 

But again make sure that you also focus on real life and not too much on your dreams because at the end of the day lucid dreams are just dreams and they’re not real life.

And you need to realize that if you have problems in real life or you have an issue with someone in real life, then you need to go and sort that out rather than escaping it into a lucid dream.

My Thought

I hope these steps help you in your lucid dreaming journey.

Overall these are the 13 things you should never do while lucid dreaming.

These are just the few negative thing that might happen if you are just staring out your journey of lucid dreaming.

But there are some danger of lucid dreaming if you don’t know how to lucid dream.

Lastly, I want to mention that lucid dreaming is safe and it will not harm you provided you follow the basic ethics of lucid dreaming.

And if you’re new to lucid dreaming and want to get into it stay connected with us on our Facebook group.

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